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MEGALOOK - born in Guangzhou, China, brings together three generation of hair craftsmen's painstaking effort. Since its inception, it has taken the mission of black women to express their ultimate pursuit of life and beauty with better hair product. In order to control the quality of the source of hair products, we build a raw material plant in Southeast Asia to ensure that the quality of the product is consistent and can benefit consumers with less production expenses. Each product pursues the extreme and is verified by nearly 10,000 loyal end consumers before being pushed to the market. We have a team of more than 10 years of foreign hair products sales experience and are deeply concerned about the importance of each product to consumers. MEGALOOK is a synonym for black women in the new era. She came into being to meet the new era of black women who express their uniqueness and self-confidence through the quality and fashion of hair products and pursue the future of life. And providing a pretty quality guaranteed hair product is the purpose of our brand. It is our brand's tireless pursuit to let every woman who uses our products feel more proud of herself.